Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cabin Couture | H Sisters

Lovely Sisters 198 boost

Lovely Sisters 196 seventies

Meet the other two H Sisters and the first location of their photoshoot--an old abandon farm cabin in Cary (bet you can't guess where). I loved taking pictures of these girls. It was effortless on their part.

Lovely Sisters 0815x7bw

Lovely Sisters 073 bw text

They just stood around, chit-chatted, goofed off, and looked fabulous while I clicked away.

Lovely Sisters 057 seventies

They were tons of fun too--at one point I'm pretty sure there was some square dancing inside the old shack and lounging on top of the dryers at the launderette.

Lovely Sisters 218 sugar warmth with flare

Lovely Sisters 068 10x8marshmellow

A quick note about prints: I love using family photos to decorate my home---if printed/mounted just right they can be real works of art! In this digital age, people often forget to print their photos. Print them! High quality prints are a real show stopper (my favorite are large gallery wrapped canvas prints). Some of these photos would look gorgeous with a metallic or pearl finish--just stunning.

Lovely Sisters 067 dim.burn

Lovely Sisters 062 5x7 sunset

Lovely Sisters 040 4x6bw

Like it? There's a few more here.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS photography. And by the way, proof it's true what they say. Modest is the hottest.

  2. Wow, those girls are sure growing up quick. I bet they were fun to photograph - they are all so beautiful!