Friday, August 6, 2010

Jessica | Senior 2011

This gal could totally rock it, and had the firemen across the street craning their necks. No joke!

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JessicaSenior 293burn

JessicaSenior 002 burn

JessicaSenior 284lightx3

JessicaSenior 271 copy

JessicaSenior 372 copy

JessicaSenior 059 colorize

JessicaSenior 304boost

JessicaSenior 426 copy

collage2 copy

JessicaSenior 094fc

JessicaSenior 374text

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  1. Gorgeous pics, Emily! I wish you were around when I took my senior portraits. Looking forward to the giveaway too.

    I (1) became a fan; (2) left a comment; and (3) emailed all my friends!

  2. Definitely fantastic pics Emily. You have a great eye for the camera.

    I became a FB fan, left a comment and "followed" your blog. I really enjoyed ALL of the photos they are all great.