Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Launder-ettes

Here is one of the locations for the lovely H Sisters photoshoot.

Lovely Sisters 360 strawverryjpg

Lovely Sisters 399 burn

Lovely Sisters 293 fc

We got a variety of shots during the entire session--some traditional, goofy, classic, and a little more fun. It's a great example of how easy and worthwhile a custom photoshoot is. We shot at 3 locations and had multiple wardrobe changes--all in 1 hour. I say this because I know some people view taking photos as pure torture (ahem husbands!) but it can be quick and painless. Fun even :)

357 square

Lovely Sisters 461 seventies

I asked Mrs. H if the girls would get camera shy if we went to a cute little laundromat down the rode. These girls? Camera shy? Sometimes my favorite photos end up being impulsive locations and candid shots. (and I'm loving the sun flare too!).

Lovely Sisters 428 boost

Lovely Sisters 504 4X6BW

Lovely Sisters 480 copy

Lovely Sisters 506 4X6CROP

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