Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoey | 3 Months

Rainy Day Play and Zoey 064text

Do you remember my little newborn neighbor? Can you believe it's already time for her 3 month photos?

lounging watermark

Rainy Day Play and Zoey 079boost

We had fun on a rainy day this week and got some beautiful photos. All of these photos were taken indoors using natural light (with 3 other children causing chaos in the playroom at the same time!).

031 warm ms 4x6 watermark

Rainy Day Play and Zoey 097scedge

oh so coy

Rainy Day Play and Zoey 106

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kensington | 6 Month Photos

These quick pictures were taken in Topsail Island, NC.

If I can take these cute snapshots in 10 minutes, just wait until you see how many we get with a full session! Holiday Special & Senior Package are still going on until Nov.

kensington watermark beach

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Collaboration | New York

I was very excited to get an email from Tobi Spino, owner of asking if I would be willing to come to her NYC suburb area if she could garner enough interest.

So we're going to try it. If you know anybody in the Westchester, NY area please let them know FunfettiPhotography will be taking a field trip out there in October!

Westchester evite crop

About Tobi |

Director’s Assistant, turned Agent, turned Producer, turned Mom, turned Writer, Tobi Spino always found success on all the paths she has taken. Where her original interests and roots were planted in television and film, she has come a long way since being the assistant to Ed Burns in the mid 90’s.

“Discovered” by an agent while hosting at a restaurant for famed restauranteur Stephen Hanson, Tobi landed a job at Ford Models as a booking agent in their Men’s Division. After many years of scouting and building budding new models’ portfolios and careers, Tobi felt as though her heart was still attached to production.

With a solid handle on the fashion industry, Tobi took her love of production and her expertise in modeling and began her own business producing and casting. While once again finding success producing and casting for clients including Victoria’s Secret, Lord & Taylor, Conde Nast, The Travel Channel and many more, Tobi felt as though her real strength and creativity was still not being met to it’s potential.

Always full of ideas, humorous anecdotes and takes on a variety of situations, her husband and friends always encouraged her to write, but life seemed to get in the way. Upon the birth of her son in 2008, Tobi suddenly had a whole new take on life: Motherhood.

While making the transition between working to staying at home, Tobi’s passion for family, friends, fashion and most recently motherhood, prompted her to begin taking all of her ideas, thoughts and experiences and writing about them. When the opportunity was presented to have her own mom-related column Tobi jumped at the chance to finally have an audience to share her trials and tribulations of motherhood, suburbia, and how to still stay cool, hence, The Urban Suburban Mom was born.

A big thanks to TheUrbanSuburbanMom for inviting me!
So you left the big city for the what? Don't be so quick to discard your Bugaboo just yet!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Changing It Up

FPMR Sept 2010 300 bw

When I started this photography adventure, I thought I would mostly be taking snaps of cute little munchkins since that is my area of "expertise".

FPMR Sept 2010 359 A

So I find it fascinating that my last 2 photoshoots have been far from the baby/kid arena. These opened my eyes to 2 subjects I want to explore because they are easy and fun: corporate headshots & homes.

FPMR Sept 2010 105 warm misty

Most of you know that I have worked as a meeting/conference planner for the last 5 years and loved it. I was really torn about the decision to "retire" from it a few months ago after Baby #2 came to our family. Of course I can't stay un-busy too long so I will most likely go back from time to time as they need help. Anyways the company is re-doing the website and printed collateral, thus needing a staff photo and executive head shots.

FPMR Sept 2010 198 boost

We got a good classic back-of-the-phone-book-traditional pose from everyone, and then a few hammy ones.

FPMR Sept 2010 268 bw

funfetti watermark

For those that care, my company manages non-profit professional associations. We do everything from administrative duties, budget/board liaison, conference planning, web/graphics/newsletters, etc. If you have a group or non-profit that needs to be managed let me know and I'll get you the hook-up.


funfetti watermark

FPMR Sept 2010 143 bw

While at another photoshoot in North Raleigh, I thought about a potential market to explore...home photography. Genius. I like taking pictures of inanimate things like homes and yards...they just sit there and look pretty :)


(and sometimes said homes are inhabited by pretty homeowners too!).

9-17-10 photos 066 sugar cookie

While I do love taking pictures of kids and families, these past 2 photoshoots were a nice break.
If you need any corporate headshots or professional home pictures, just holla!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Session | North Raleigh

Taylor Antiques 138 composite fc8x10

Wow. Adorable family and I am in love with all the photos from this session.

Taylor Antiques 121 fc 4x6

I told Toni that since her and Matt breed such beautiful children, they owe it to the world to have a couple more.
I think 6 is a nice even number :)

Taylor Antiques 023 warmburn8x10

Toni introduced me to 2 great locations in North Raleigh. If I had to name this photoshoot, it would be "Old Junk Is New Hotness" because we shot at an antique shop and a landfill. Yep, you heard that right. A filled in landfill that is now a city park. Huge hill of rolling grass, a playground, pavilions, trails, etc. Who knew?

Taylor Antiques 034 bw 8x10

This family was a joy. Lovely, lovely kids (inside and out!), very polite and well mannered. On the drive home I found myself wishing Toni and I lived closer because I think we could be great gal pals.

Taylor Antiques 356 sunshine 4x6

In case you can't tell, the kids had a blast running around. The candid pictures ended up being my favorite as opposed to the formal, sit-down ones. There's just something about capturing real moments and real faces.
As a mom, that's always the pictures I love most.

Taylor Family 066 flare

Taylor Family 020 4x6 bw

Taylor Antiques 184 8x10fcedge

Taylor Family 091 lenseflare

PS: Riley totally has her mom's good looks. Wish I looked this beautiful when I was 12!
Can't wait to take her senior picts in a few years :)

Sugar Cookies 4x6 sugarcookie

Taylor Antiques 070 bwzoom

Taylor Antiques 116 boost 5x7

Taylor Antiques 036 fc 5x7 warm

Taylor Antiques 151 seventies

Taylor Antiques 091marshmellow

Taylor Antiques 099 seventies

Taylor Family 028 8x10manual adjust

Taylor Antiques 173 bw 5x7

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Also: the antique shop rents to photographers for $10 per piece. So if you want a cool photoshoot with an old piece of furniture, old bike, old radio flyer wagon, etc then let me know and we can set it up. Endless creativity!

Staying Busy. But Never Too Busy to Share This

Labor Day Weekend funny face 3

I have been keeping busy and editing a load of pictures for the T Family and also for some corporate headshots that my company had done. Stay tuned for those.

But I like to stop and take breaks and lay on the grass with my little ones. I am loving this weather---the summer heat was just too oppressive this year!

Labor Day Weekend2

The sky is always a pretty Carolina Blue this time of year, so make sure and take advantage of it for your holiday, senior, or any-ole-time photos. I'm mostly booked for September so holler if you want me to mark you as a "potential" in October.

Labor Day Weekend my girls

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Peek | T Family

Is this not the most beautiful family ever? I can't wait to share more from this session. Toni did an awesome job coordinating her family's style (love the bright colors!) and her 2 location picks in North Raleigh were fun to explore!

T Family Cabin