Monday, September 27, 2010

Collaboration | New York

I was very excited to get an email from Tobi Spino, owner of asking if I would be willing to come to her NYC suburb area if she could garner enough interest.

So we're going to try it. If you know anybody in the Westchester, NY area please let them know FunfettiPhotography will be taking a field trip out there in October!

Westchester evite crop

About Tobi |

Director’s Assistant, turned Agent, turned Producer, turned Mom, turned Writer, Tobi Spino always found success on all the paths she has taken. Where her original interests and roots were planted in television and film, she has come a long way since being the assistant to Ed Burns in the mid 90’s.

“Discovered” by an agent while hosting at a restaurant for famed restauranteur Stephen Hanson, Tobi landed a job at Ford Models as a booking agent in their Men’s Division. After many years of scouting and building budding new models’ portfolios and careers, Tobi felt as though her heart was still attached to production.

With a solid handle on the fashion industry, Tobi took her love of production and her expertise in modeling and began her own business producing and casting. While once again finding success producing and casting for clients including Victoria’s Secret, Lord & Taylor, Conde Nast, The Travel Channel and many more, Tobi felt as though her real strength and creativity was still not being met to it’s potential.

Always full of ideas, humorous anecdotes and takes on a variety of situations, her husband and friends always encouraged her to write, but life seemed to get in the way. Upon the birth of her son in 2008, Tobi suddenly had a whole new take on life: Motherhood.

While making the transition between working to staying at home, Tobi’s passion for family, friends, fashion and most recently motherhood, prompted her to begin taking all of her ideas, thoughts and experiences and writing about them. When the opportunity was presented to have her own mom-related column Tobi jumped at the chance to finally have an audience to share her trials and tribulations of motherhood, suburbia, and how to still stay cool, hence, The Urban Suburban Mom was born.

A big thanks to TheUrbanSuburbanMom for inviting me!
So you left the big city for the what? Don't be so quick to discard your Bugaboo just yet!

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