Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Session | North Raleigh

Taylor Antiques 138 composite fc8x10

Wow. Adorable family and I am in love with all the photos from this session.

Taylor Antiques 121 fc 4x6

I told Toni that since her and Matt breed such beautiful children, they owe it to the world to have a couple more.
I think 6 is a nice even number :)

Taylor Antiques 023 warmburn8x10

Toni introduced me to 2 great locations in North Raleigh. If I had to name this photoshoot, it would be "Old Junk Is New Hotness" because we shot at an antique shop and a landfill. Yep, you heard that right. A filled in landfill that is now a city park. Huge hill of rolling grass, a playground, pavilions, trails, etc. Who knew?

Taylor Antiques 034 bw 8x10

This family was a joy. Lovely, lovely kids (inside and out!), very polite and well mannered. On the drive home I found myself wishing Toni and I lived closer because I think we could be great gal pals.

Taylor Antiques 356 sunshine 4x6

In case you can't tell, the kids had a blast running around. The candid pictures ended up being my favorite as opposed to the formal, sit-down ones. There's just something about capturing real moments and real faces.
As a mom, that's always the pictures I love most.

Taylor Family 066 flare

Taylor Family 020 4x6 bw

Taylor Antiques 184 8x10fcedge

Taylor Family 091 lenseflare

PS: Riley totally has her mom's good looks. Wish I looked this beautiful when I was 12!
Can't wait to take her senior picts in a few years :)

Sugar Cookies 4x6 sugarcookie

Taylor Antiques 070 bwzoom

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Taylor Antiques 036 fc 5x7 warm

Taylor Antiques 151 seventies

Taylor Antiques 091marshmellow

Taylor Antiques 099 seventies

Taylor Family 028 8x10manual adjust

Taylor Antiques 173 bw 5x7

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Also: the antique shop rents to photographers for $10 per piece. So if you want a cool photoshoot with an old piece of furniture, old bike, old radio flyer wagon, etc then let me know and we can set it up. Endless creativity!

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