Monday, October 25, 2010

The A Family Session

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Her name is Rachel.

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His name is Travis.

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And their names are Audrey & Phoenix.

blue eyed kiddies

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Together, they are the coolest couple and most adorable family in the world. No lie.

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I've known Rachel for a couple years but we live on the opposite sides of town, so we don't get to hang much. She is so down to earth and chipper--great style too.

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Her handsome hubby is a surfer pal with my handsome hubs. I guess good looks and a goofy personality are a must for surfer dudes.

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We had so much fun snapping pictures on Saturday morning, that we ended up making dinner plans for that evening. It was family night and bottemless fries at Red Robbin. Our girls play great together (surprising, if you know anything about 2 yr olds and 4 yr olds).

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We took pictures at the historic Yates Mill Pond. There were 4 other photographers there and dolled up families.

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A and P sunshine

I might be partial, but out of all the families there, this one looked hot diggity dog, had fun, kept it simple and relaxed, and now have lovely photos of their kiddos (to look at over and over and over again--because that's what us moms do, right?).

4x6 merry cardblueblue

Click here, there are more!

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  1. cutest thing EVER! that little girl has got some beautiful blue eyes going on for suuuure.
    love these! :)