Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Enchanted Tea Party

Pretty Fall Day 441text

Pretty Fall Day 309scey

Pretty Fall Day 250ms

A certain towhead is so very much into tea parties and picnics lately.

Pretty Fall Day 340vp

The sky is carolina blue. And the grass still green and cool. We've been spending all our time outdoors on a blanket.


This day, we brought the inside--outside. It was lovely.

Pretty Fall Day 333vp

We stayed out here all. day. long.

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Pretty Fall Day 284b

Pretty Fall Day 336e

The canopy made for amazing light.

Pretty Fall Day 210vp

The Mr. and I even had a secret lunch and snooze under the canopy while the girls were in bed napping. AKA: The After Party.

After Party Sunny Days

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  2. Oh my gosh. I would have DIED for a tea party like this when I was little! And how the heck did you make that flowing, sheer, teepee thing?

  3. It is a bed canopy that we had in our newlywed, teeny, 1 bedroom apartment years ago. It gave the otherwise dreary & dark apartment a bit of pizazz. I wanted to hang it up in the girl's room, but I'm almost certain a little blonde girl would try to swing/hang on it!