Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emily & Kara | Senior Picts

Sizzlin Sisters 254fc4x6

All things bright and beautiful have the first name Emily. And the last initial B. Right?

Sizzlin Sisters 524 4x6 2011

I'm loving all these senior girls lately. I find it fascinating how each session has had its own style and vibe. We found a few great locations for Emily and her sister Kara.

Sizzlin Sisters 273sev

This was my first evening shoot, and I gotta say I LOVE the setting sun. Gorgeous light. I will be scheduling more of these. I had fun playing around with sun flares. Thus, my name for this photoshoot:

Saucy Sisters @ Sunset
Sizzlin Sisters 285warm

Sizzlin Sisters 330sc

Sizzlin Sisters 402bq

Sizzlin Sisters 436seventies

Sizzlin Sisters 535sev 4x6

It was so fun to meet these girls. I'm glad big sister Kara came a long and played dressup with us. There is a 3rd sister who unfortunately was out of the country doing research. We missed you!

Sizzlin Sisters 065

Sizzlin Sisters 332warm

Sizzlin Sisters 115ms

Sizzlin Sisters 510sharpen

These sisters were a referral from the H sisters. They are all best friends. Now that would be one good lookin' dinner party!

Sizzlin Sisters 468sev

Sizzlin Sisters 129boost

FYI, this was an "extended" senior package. Which is why we could fit in so many wardrobe & location changes (believe me, this is just a few of what is on the CD). The hardest part of editing these picts was narrowing it down--they were all lovely!

Sizzlin Sisters 462fc

PS: This one is for you, Momma B! Haha, good times. Thanks for forcing her to take this pict...you know she'll thank you some day right?

Sizzlin Sisters 464touchupbw

Sizzlin Sisters 200sc

Sizzlin Sisters 169

kara colorful art

More Pictures? Click Here!

Sizzlin Sisters 137

PS: Don't forget I am leaving Nov 5 for California. If you want a jumpstart on holiday pictures, please don't wait until the last minute. I've added more bookings instead of just Saturdays, so if you want to do a weekday at 5pm let me know.

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  1. Love these two sisters and the amazing photographer!! These pics are precious!