Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Family Pictures

I did actually have plans to take "real" family pictures this fall and even had some sassy bright colored hip outfits picked out and hung safely in the closet. It just never happened.


So I started feeling the crunch about 2 weeks ago. Lucky for me, it snowed (rare for Raleigh) and I was out taking pictures anyways, husband got home from surfing just in time (yes, he went surfing on a day that it snowed) and all four of us were together so I busted out the new tripod and we took 2 rounds on automatic (10 picts each round that clicks off super fast). That's about all we had patience for with the little ones.


Ever taken pictures in the snow, with a tripod, in high heel boots? I don't recommend it. The first round of pictures turned out like this:


Then we scooted back, but the camera kept trying to auto-focus on the falling snowflakes in front of the lens, resulting in sort of dark somewhat blurry pictures.

1 2 weeee

And I call myself a photographer? People pay me to take their picts? I should probably refund everybody after this display of bad photo skills, haha. I guess my disclaimer is they would have been a LOT better if I could have been behind the camera :)

Anyways, it was slim pickings between the blurriness and the moving children. But we made do. My saving grace was choosing a beautiful pearl paper with a shimmer spray, so it brought a little glisten to an otherwise drab photocard. Here's how it turned out (remember to imagine the shimmer ok?):

card front

card back

Even though the pictures aren't your normal smile and say cheese, they turned out like us--lots of love, lots of realness and lots of simpleness. And we had lots of fun. It was a blast showing the girls their first snow and how to make snowballs and snowmen.


Now everyday after nap, I have to explain over and over again why it hasn't snowed, that it doesn't snow everyday, and I have no power to make it snow. Little minds are full of questions.

Merry Christmas to all my followers!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bokeh Babe

I have been taking it easy and enjoying my darlings. Here is a fun picture we took during a playdate. With the Christmas tree lights on, don't forget to take advantage of a great photo opportunity by playing with your aperture to get a fun bokeh (blurred background) effect! I'm definitely going to practice this technique and use it more in the future. It adds some magic and sparkle to a blah background, don't you think?

bokeh babewm

I purposely have eased on the "real" photoshoots for this month so I can enjoy the Christmas season with my little ones--they sure have been loving the nativity sets all around.


It's fun to spy on them while they are off in imagination land.


Merry Christmas to all my fans and blog stalkers! And most of all, a big thanks to all my real clients who took a chance on an amateur and made my first few months a super fun learning experience for me! Hopefully, you'll come back for more photoshoots in 2011 :)

Stay tuned: I will be posting some January/February specials and mini sessions soon. They will probably be geared to babies & kids.