Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bokeh Babe

I have been taking it easy and enjoying my darlings. Here is a fun picture we took during a playdate. With the Christmas tree lights on, don't forget to take advantage of a great photo opportunity by playing with your aperture to get a fun bokeh (blurred background) effect! I'm definitely going to practice this technique and use it more in the future. It adds some magic and sparkle to a blah background, don't you think?

bokeh babewm

I purposely have eased on the "real" photoshoots for this month so I can enjoy the Christmas season with my little ones--they sure have been loving the nativity sets all around.


It's fun to spy on them while they are off in imagination land.


Merry Christmas to all my fans and blog stalkers! And most of all, a big thanks to all my real clients who took a chance on an amateur and made my first few months a super fun learning experience for me! Hopefully, you'll come back for more photoshoots in 2011 :)

Stay tuned: I will be posting some January/February specials and mini sessions soon. They will probably be geared to babies & kids.

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