Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Cherry | 3 Months

Cherry 3 Months 221 sc

Normally 3 month olds are difficult models.

Cherry 3 Months 013 sc

They are past that deep sleep newborny age, and when they are awake their arms/legs sort of flail around when they get excited.

Cherry 3 Months 042sc bw

Lucky for us, Cherry found her hands and gave us some sweet pious snapshots in her blessing gown (one that her mom wore when she was a babe).

Cherry 3 Months 005sc sunshine

Cherry 3 Months 325light

Cherry got this cute smocked bonnet for Christmas.

Cherry 3 Months 233 wm2

(with little stitched cherries ta boot!)

Cherry 3 Months 300 vp wm

One thing I love about my friend's house is she so good about printing off her pictures and displaying them. Isn't her staircase cute? With the eclectic frames and mismatched prints (canvas, gatorboard, and regular paper)--very simple to keep adding onto.

Have you printed and hung any recent pictures? Go do it :)

Cherry 3 Months 144 boost

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  1. Adorable as always!! Little Cherry seems so sweet, and she totally rocks that awesome bonnet! April's house looks so nice! And yes, I have hung some pics lately, you might recognize some (all) of them. Come check them out!