Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Grace | Newborn

Grace Newborn 379wm

Grace Newborn 155 a jub2zoom

Grace Newborn 329 awm

It was so much fun meeting this little darling and her mom.

Grace Newborn 249wm

Grace was only 6 days old and already her accessory closet is 10 times the size of mine--she had a bazillion headbands, hats, tutus, blankets, flowers, and everything in between so we went a little crazy.

Grace Newborn 143sepia2touchup

Grace Newborn 305msbwwm

She took awhile to fall asleep and didn't really want to be posed/touched. Newborn pictures are hard in that you just never know what to expect. Some babies are oblivious and let you pose them all sorts of ways, other babies do not like to be disturbed. So you just have to work around them and I always tell parents to manage their expectations--we may not get to do exactly what they envision.

Grace Newborn 042sc wm

Grace Newborn 015

On the flipside, no matter what we end up doing I can promise that you will ADORE your pictures no matter what. Who doesn't love staring at sweet squishy kissable cheeks?

Grace Newborn 181bw

This one would look lovely as an announcement printed on pearl shimmer paper, or as a huge gallery wrap canvas with a metallic finish:

Grace Newborn 149 jubileetexturewm

The baby's nursery was done in this fabric which I love:

Grace Newborn 104 boostedge

Grace's mommy said it best. "These pictures have stolen my heart" and I'd have to say the same.

Grace Newborn 277bw

Thanks for letting me be a part of this special time, and I can't wait to see what little Grace brings to her milestone photos! She'll be in stilettos before she's crawling :)

View more--including pictures of the nursery!

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  1. these pictures are gorgeous! too bad we don't still live close so you could take Evan's pics.