Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elephants & Pettiskirts | 3 Yrs

Amaryllis 3 yrs 580 jub

Amaryllis 3 yrs 620 jub2warm wm

Well I truly can't believe my first little baby is turning three. I'll spare you the "it seems like it was just yesterday" and post that on my personal blog :)

Amaryllis 3 yrs 025 jub

Amaryllis 3 yrs 342 bw

Apparently I thrive under pressure because like our last spontaneous photoshoot, this one was even more last-minute and we were battling the fading sunlight.

Amaryllis 3 yrs 007 wm

It was 3:30pm and I walked out to get the mail, thought Hey It's Warm! and knew it could be my only chance this frigid winter to take her 3 yr photos (along with some hat pictures for Curtsay Designs). I much prefer taking pictures with outdoor light. The light was amazing (cloudy) and they turned out perfect.

Amaryllis 3 yrs 651 jub wm

Amaryllis 3 yrs 417warmboost

I woke her from her nap, threw some stuff in a bag, and drove down the rode real slow looking for something that would work. At first I thought railroad tracks would be cute, but they are very active tracks and I wasn't sure I could grab her quick enough if a train came roaring down on us (good idea too, because we heard 2 trains blow by that hour).

Amaryllis 3 yrs 560 fc

Amaryllis 3 yrs 353 vp

So I was tickled pink when I came up to this old hot dog joint. Can you locals guess which one it is?

Amaryllis 3 yrs 783 wm

Amaryllis 3 yrs 780sev

I'm in love with these pictures.

Amaryllis 3 yrs 595 ms

Amaryllis 3 yrs 408 boost

They capture her so perfectly--everything that she loves at this sweet age. Everything that makes up her funny and innocent little world.

Amaryllis 3 yrs 388 bw

Dressing up in tutus and pettis,
cowgirl boots on the wrong feet,
funny faces,
tears over broken lollypops,
and of course elephants.

Amaryllis 3 yrs 326 text

collage web

Amaryllis 3 yrs 647hl

Amaryllis 3 yrs 673 jub

It just goes to show that when taking pictures you can make any location work.
You don't necessarily have to plan an elaborate photoshoot--spontaneity is good!
And if you let children be themselves, well-- your pictures will speak straight to your heart.

Amaryllis 3 yrs 448jub text

So grab your camera and go take some pictures of your babies and their favorite things~

Amaryllis 3 yrs 323 bw

Of course there's more.

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  1. Seriously so adorable! She is quite the model too. I still say she looks like you too. I love the last picture with her squished face. Oh, and of course I recognized the Circus burger joint. It's an old Cary standard. (Reminds me of high school.)