Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 52

It seems like every photographer hobbiest has to participate in a yearly challenge. Either a 365 (yikes, I definitely don't have time to take 1 picture a day for a year) or a 52 (much better, I can handle 1 picture per week). There's tons of groups out there that give you a prompt or word of the day, and you just see where the creativity takes you.

Here's a cute one for this week's prompt: Anything With Wings. I had big plans to go outside on a nature hunt to find something with wings, but the winged creature found me instead.


It's been fun, even though I hesitated to do so at first (commitment if I miss a week please don't point that out). Already I've learned so much about my camera settings and forced myself to be more confident with the manual settings. Some of the prompts also give you challenges for the post-processing and editing of images--and that's fun to learn new things.

new beginnings

The other week we had to do self portraits with the camera's timer, then add in different elements like motion, lighting, props, different posing options, etc. Eeeeeck, so hard for me to be on the other side of the camera. But wow, you learn a lot about how hard it is for your clients and a lot about your camera settings.

project 52 self portrait 733 wm

People ask how I learned to take pictures. The answer: I didn't. I just mess around and play a lot. Anybody can take cool pictures.

So grab that fancy camera you got for Christmas and challenge yourself.

I'll try to post more from my Project 52 throughout the year on this blog, but if you want to follow here is the Flickr link.


  1. I suppose you're right - that anyone can take cool pictures - but yours are simply cooler than most.

  2. I LOVE your self portrait pictures! You look amazing, and of course your photog. style is still so you (aka fabulous!). Santa never brought me a fancy camera though...perhaps I should behave myself this year...