Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zoey | 6 Months

Zoey 6 Month 223 clone jub wm

Remember Zoey, my most frequent client so far?

Zoey 6 Month 105vp zoomwm

Well she just keeps on growing---how dare she!

Zoey 6 Month 210 clone bw wm

The "sitting but not yet crawling" milestone photoshoots are my favorite. It just happens to be my most bestest and beloved-est age since becoming a mom. Seriously, babies at this age are scrumptious and so lovable!

Zoey 6 Month 257sc wm

They can sit up (yet not escape), smile (but not talk sassy), and look at you with pure adoration (instead of that mischievous glint that starts appearing a few months down the road).

Zoey 6 Month 176ms wm

This teddy bear hat is from Curtsay Designs, and I will be photographing more from her collection soon!

Zoey 6 Month 286wm

When considering whether or not to have your child's milestone photos done professionally, I say if anything you should definitely capture them at this age. Well, who am I kidding--I say capture them at EVERY age. But the sitting up age, and the first birthday "cake smash" age are favorites for sure.

More pictures of smiley Zoey.

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