Monday, March 28, 2011

Zoey | 9 Months

IMG_9997 sug

Remember Zoey from her 3month and 6month photos?

IMG_0057 zoey

Well she's back and better than ever. Zoey's momma made the tutu (not to shabby for a first-time crafter!).

IMG_9892 sug wm

IMG_9978 fr chocolate

I love how every photoshoot has it's own look and light. All Zoey's pictures have this aqua jewel tone to them--so pretty.


IMG_0024 copy

Lucky for us Zoey isn't quite crawling so she just sat there and looked adorable.

IMG_0016 bw

Zoey's mom is so faithful about her children's milestone pictures--props to her.

IMG_0066 sug

The week Zoey was born was bittersweet for the family; her great grandma passed away and a few days later Zoey came into the world. So it was a sweet little touch for momma to bring along Grandma's jewelry for the photoshoot. Makes it more personal and memorable.

IMG_0122 but

Maybe ballet is in her future? Looks like it--

IMG_9986 wm

Keep on smiling, Zoey girl. Can't wait to see your 1 yr photos!

IMG_9997 sug

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lily | Newborn

IMG_9830 wm

IMG_9457 wm

Of course I'm partial to little girls with flower names, but this newborn was so sweet and perfect during her photoshoot.

lily ann watermark

We sent Grandma to the store to get some fresh lily flowers.

IMG_9523 sc edges

IMG_9544 flower highlight

(she loved holding her flower)

IMG_9444 cream

IMG_9601 sc red

Grandma also came home with a head of cabbage and the idea that we should put the baby in the center to show how little she is (she was a preemie weighing in at 5 lbs).

At first I wasn't so sure--I'm not trying to push Anne Geddes out of her slot as #1 creative newborn poser...

IMG_9632 sc

...but Lily totally rocked the photoshoot and was a true model. I think she's adorable enough to sell a burlap sack to Nordstroms--so a head of cabbage was no problem for her!

IMG_9635 wm

While I was editing her photos, I kept myself entertained by thinking of cheesy birth announcements to go along with her cabbage patch theme. How 'bout this one:

freshly picked 4x6 card

See how little she is compared to these books?

IMG_9669 sc

IMG_9456 wm

IMG_9597 bw

IMG_9789 sepia

IMG_9762 mach wm

IMG_9780 wm

This was a fun photoshoot. Lily is cousins with Brooklyn. So all the aunties were there, and one of the aunties had some studio lighting she just bought off eBay. We set it up and gave it a go--here's a pull back shot. Maybe I do have studio photography in my future someday?

(notice how teeny Lily is on the ottoman!)


Click for more of little Lily and her cabbage patch.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charlie | 1 Yr

IMG_9199 wm

IMG_9216 skin touchup wm

Here's a cute little feller, Mr. Charlie.

IMG_9064 jub wm

IMG_8890 vp

IMG_9264 wm

His mom and I were pregnant at the same time--our babies are 2 days apart.

IMG_8966 edgeburn wm

IMG_9220 wm

Charlie was SO obsessed with looking at all the cars driving by, it was pretty funny.

IMG_9179 crop wm

IMG_9325 fc

It was hard to get him to look at the camera because he wanted to see all the trucks and school buses zip down the street during rush hour.

IMG_9166 wm

IMG_9099 vint

IMG_8836 vp burn

Ah, the balloons. Let's just say there was actually 4 balloons to start out with and we were left with only 1.

IMG_9031 boost edge

IMG_9023 burn

IMG_9064 touch up sepia

Isn't this grass so gorgeously green? Spring!

IMG_8947 vp

IMG_9224 vp

What a little stud. Maybe him and Kensington will date in 16 yrs.
I mean 25 yrs---when she's allowed to date.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carmella Riley | 2 Months

IMG_8090 clone bw

This is my newest niece, who I met last week for spring break. She's 2 months old. We snapped some pictures while she was trying to fall asleep. She's wearing a lace romper similar to Kensington's but my crafty sister-in-law made it out of a onesie. Cute huh?

IMG_8033 wm

And I happened to have Kensington's headband in my camera bag...voila...photoshoot! Carmella and Kensington are 10 months apart which won't be that big of a difference in a few years, but wow look at what a difference 10 months makes now.

IMG_8047 bw wm

Carmella has her daddy's dark Italian complexion, hair, and eyes. Have you ever seen such long eyelashes on a baby? So pretty.

IMG_8172 sg wm

I kept putting her hands down, and she was determined to sleep with them UP like this:

IMG_8147 text

IMG_8154 sc

PS: email me if you want to buy a lace romper, I've got a group order going on for a lot cheaper than Etsy if I get it worked out. Variety of colors available. They come as a stretchy one-size-fits-all spandex type of thing. They look cute under tutus and would be a fun birthday gift. They aren't just for photoshoots---why not let your baby look delicious everyday this summer? Eye candy for you.

PPS: Hope you aren't sick of the lacey frills yet because next week we have a little 9 month old coming your way, and guess what her momma ordered?!?