Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carmella Riley | 2 Months

IMG_8090 clone bw

This is my newest niece, who I met last week for spring break. She's 2 months old. We snapped some pictures while she was trying to fall asleep. She's wearing a lace romper similar to Kensington's but my crafty sister-in-law made it out of a onesie. Cute huh?

IMG_8033 wm

And I happened to have Kensington's headband in my camera bag...voila...photoshoot! Carmella and Kensington are 10 months apart which won't be that big of a difference in a few years, but wow look at what a difference 10 months makes now.

IMG_8047 bw wm

Carmella has her daddy's dark Italian complexion, hair, and eyes. Have you ever seen such long eyelashes on a baby? So pretty.

IMG_8172 sg wm

I kept putting her hands down, and she was determined to sleep with them UP like this:

IMG_8147 text

IMG_8154 sc

PS: email me if you want to buy a lace romper, I've got a group order going on for a lot cheaper than Etsy if I get it worked out. Variety of colors available. They come as a stretchy one-size-fits-all spandex type of thing. They look cute under tutus and would be a fun birthday gift. They aren't just for photoshoots---why not let your baby look delicious everyday this summer? Eye candy for you.

PPS: Hope you aren't sick of the lacey frills yet because next week we have a little 9 month old coming your way, and guess what her momma ordered?!?


  1. Thanks for doing this, Em! It was such a nice and cute surprise to come home to... I can't believe how good you worked with her- she literally screams her head off when I try to do shoots! You even got her to sleep withOUT her passy! Baby whisperer.