Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charlie | 1 Yr

IMG_9199 wm

IMG_9216 skin touchup wm

Here's a cute little feller, Mr. Charlie.

IMG_9064 jub wm

IMG_8890 vp

IMG_9264 wm

His mom and I were pregnant at the same time--our babies are 2 days apart.

IMG_8966 edgeburn wm

IMG_9220 wm

Charlie was SO obsessed with looking at all the cars driving by, it was pretty funny.

IMG_9179 crop wm

IMG_9325 fc

It was hard to get him to look at the camera because he wanted to see all the trucks and school buses zip down the street during rush hour.

IMG_9166 wm

IMG_9099 vint

IMG_8836 vp burn

Ah, the balloons. Let's just say there was actually 4 balloons to start out with and we were left with only 1.

IMG_9031 boost edge

IMG_9023 burn

IMG_9064 touch up sepia

Isn't this grass so gorgeously green? Spring!

IMG_8947 vp

IMG_9224 vp

What a little stud. Maybe him and Kensington will date in 16 yrs.
I mean 25 yrs---when she's allowed to date.

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  1. What a cute couple they'd make. Sometimes I secretly hope Sam and Abbey will date someday ;)