Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kensington | 1 Year


I've had lots of people ask about her outfit. For more info click on the "products" tab above.

Kensington Turns One 130wm

My Kensington is turning one on St Patricks Day.
Aint she just the purdiest thing you ever seen?

Kensington Turns One 143ms

I guess I should warn you, this post has a lot of pink in it!

Kensington Turns One 021wm

My friend came with me and helped act-a-fool trying to get Kensington to look at the camera.
This can be a tough age especially if you try sitting them on the ground, because as soon as their knees hit the floor they are off exploring.

Kensington Turns One 196clonevp

Kensington Turns One 161wm

We did get some adorable shots though, she looked so yummy in her frilly lace.

Kensington Turns One 279text

Our little Special K was quite the star, turning heads at the NC Museum of Art.
I love that you can take pictures indoors there, such a lovely place.

Kensington Turns One 084ms

Kensington Turns One 082bw

Kensington Turns One 198


Kensington Turns One 225clonefc

Kensington Turns One 190square

This is her only trick - Old McDonald Had A Farm

eeioh collage

Kensington Turns One 151wm

Kensington Turns One 095sev

I love this age (I think I say that at every photoshoot with my girls) so I wanted to capture all the cute details of this little person:
chubby fat rolls,
tiny first teeth,
cute funny faces,
sweet first curls,
and rosy cheeks.

Kensington Turns One 310nf6

Kensington Turns One 090wm

Kensington Turns One 139ms

So yeah. Love these photos.


  1. ahhh, love them! I especially love her sneaky smile in the first one, you know she's planning her escape. And love that you captured the "ei-ei-oh", that is one good trick. I'll have to teach that to Miles.

    The little lace outfit just fits her perfectly, very dainty and girly.

    And did she really keep those headbands in? We tried to put Macey's clip in MIles' hair today and he was not having it. :)

  2. My brother's getting married in the D.C. temple and asked me to find a local photographer. I waited and waited for a cool event to have you photograph and now we're too far apart! I just about cried. I absolutely love your photography, Emily. And I love that you went to the Museum of Art for pictures!!

  3. I think these have to be my favorite out of all the pictures you've done. They are beautiful! And so is she.

  4. These are stunning. You are so talented, and K is a knockout. I love the beautiful outfit and the beads!

  5. wow! These are just amazing!! awesome photos!!!