Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sugar & Spice | School Picts

pee skool 123 ms

So a few friends and I started a mothers co-op type preschool. Since we all have daughters, it was dubbed
~ A finishing school for little ladies~

(Sounds best if said in a snobby british accent like the dude that does Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on E! tv)

pee skool 105 mustard edge

Maybe I should state that having lots of kids over at my house and trying to "teach" them something is just NOT my bag of chips. I don't know why it stresses me out, but it does. The retired veteran meeting planner in me emerges, and I have grand ideas of schedules, organization, smooth transitions between elaborate activities, and hey maybe even name-tags or a welcome packet.

pee skool 037 warmvp

Let's just say knowing how to plan/prepare/execute the logistics of a four day convention did not prepare me for three hrs of 3 yr olds.

pee skool 138 mf

So. After hosting it at my house for 2 weeks I was plum out of ideas on our last day, which was nice and sunny. How convenient, I thought, let's do something I want to do. Enter photoshoot.

pee skool 254boost

So I scrambled and came up with a cute cheesey mock school portrait setup.

pee skool 228 crop

I gave them a few prompts like "smile"
"now a pretty princess smile"
"silly crazy smile."

pee skool 188 ms

Being behind the camera then scrolling through tons of photos while editing really gives you an insiders view on personalities. It was so fun editing these picts and seeing all the silly faces.

pee skool 167 vp

A quick text that morning and the moms sent their little darlings out the door with their backpacks and an apple.

pee skool 316 wm

(they could barely walk with them on!)

pee skool 089 wm

Just so you know, apples aren't cool on a normal day. But if you are outside and have to pose by it for 3 minutes without touching it and there is a small threat that one of the other kids just might eat it before you do, all the sudden apples are da bomb diggity.

They couldn't wait to chow down.

pee skool 319 wm

Case in point: this little cutie kept staring at the apple and worriedly saying,
"My mom put that in MY bag."

pee skool 262 fcwarm

Here are their apple glamour shots:

pee skool 277 wm

pee skool 309 wm

pee skool 310ms

pee skool 304fc

These girls sure do keep me on my toes. Hope you enjoyed their school portraits.

Click to see a few more.


  1. AV must of had some HUGE jacket envy, that girl better make sure she keeps that jacket on at all times. At least AV has an elephant on her backpack though.

    And I am impressed w/ how prim and proper AV looks sitting on the curb. Macey's legs would not of been together, I think the training at the sugar and spice academy is paying off.

  2. Haha yes she kept trying to unzip that elephant jacket b/c she could see the tip of an additional elephant's trunk underneath, on the matching shirt.

    And it's true, I did teach them how to cross their legs like dainty ladies because there was some underwear showing (it IS a finishing school so etiquette lessons are included in the tuition price).