Monday, March 28, 2011

Zoey | 9 Months

IMG_9997 sug

Remember Zoey from her 3month and 6month photos?

IMG_0057 zoey

Well she's back and better than ever. Zoey's momma made the tutu (not to shabby for a first-time crafter!).

IMG_9892 sug wm

IMG_9978 fr chocolate

I love how every photoshoot has it's own look and light. All Zoey's pictures have this aqua jewel tone to them--so pretty.


IMG_0024 copy

Lucky for us Zoey isn't quite crawling so she just sat there and looked adorable.

IMG_0016 bw

Zoey's mom is so faithful about her children's milestone pictures--props to her.

IMG_0066 sug

The week Zoey was born was bittersweet for the family; her great grandma passed away and a few days later Zoey came into the world. So it was a sweet little touch for momma to bring along Grandma's jewelry for the photoshoot. Makes it more personal and memorable.

IMG_0122 but

Maybe ballet is in her future? Looks like it--

IMG_9986 wm

Keep on smiling, Zoey girl. Can't wait to see your 1 yr photos!

IMG_9997 sug

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