Friday, April 15, 2011

Addison | Newborn

IMG_0769 wm

This little princess came to my house last week.  Meet Miss Addison.

IMG_0783 wm
I've been loving all these little newborn girls lately! I don't care what people say, girls are just 10 times more fun to photograph then boys, and I don't mean that in a snotty or offending way.  It's just the plain truth!

wm square

She did great during her photoshoot.  She didn't really cry, she just wanted to stay wide awake and look at everything...and all I wanted her to do was go to sleep! 

IMG_0725 sepia wm

She came over when she was 11 days old--a bit older than I usually do newborns (I like them fresh as possible.  As in, can I meet you in the labor & delivery room? haha) so it is no wonder that she was more alert, and when she did finally fall asleep she had this cute little worried expression on her face.

IMG_0708 card wm

But if you look at it from her point of view--would you want someone poking, smothering, and manhandling you while trying to take your morning snooze? Probably not.

cute feet

She held her head up like this for such a long time, I was super impressed.

IMG_0737 wm

You got to start them young with the college prep:

IMG_0809 wm

Addison had beautiful white skin.

IMG_0696 wm

I love doing newborn photos because I get all my baby-hungries out of my system :)

IMG_0846 fmh

IMG_0816 anchorbar

IMG_0802 addison teaser2