Sunday, May 1, 2011

Robin Eggs and a Tea Party

It was so fun to watch a robin lay her eggs over Easter weekend in a quaint little nest she built in the magnolia tree.

IMG_1434 wm

Isn't it beautiful?  At first it just looks like a nest with some eggs.  But when you see it in person, you really marvel at all the work it must have taken momma bird to build her nest, piece by piece, one twig at a time.  How does she engineer it so perfectly round and cozy looking?  And then to make the eggs, phew!  She laid 1 egg per day.  They were the most exquisite shade of blue/green/teal.


This weekend I tagged along with my little girl to a birthday party.  

IMG_1831 lon 

IMG_1505 wm

Of course I brought my camera, because my friend is the party queen and always puts on a delicious spread (a few weeks ago she did a LOST themed party for her husband's 30th was awesome!).

IMG_1687 wm

The girls picked out their ribbons and flowers for their tea party bonnets.


Then they played outside with dad and worked up a good appetite, while mom whipped up their hats with her glue gun and crafty eye.


IMG_1609 wm
(yes, this is my daughter trying to escape)

Everything on the table was delish. 





IMG_1781 text3

IMG_1506 wm

And what a cute birthday girl!

IMG_1590 jas
IMG_1838 sc

Birthday party favors sure aint what they used to be.
IMG_1514 bloss

IMG_1553 rai

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