Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cristina + Nate

IMG_4441 bw wm

dress detail

Cristina & Nate were married in his hometown of San Diego last week.

IMG_4471 bw
What a gorgeous couple, huh?

rings wm 

They had a reception for all her friends and family here in Cary (The Atrium at Regency Park near Koka Booth Amphitheater).  Since they had all their formal photos done at the actual wedding, I just snapped away at the reception to capture the details and the fun times.

IMG_4436 wm

IMG_4252 wm

You might remember Cristina and her pretty sisters from this photo shoot awhile back.

IMG_4363 wm

rings wm 

flower collage wm

All the food and decor were fabulous.

food collage

chocolate collage

IMG_4699 bw

IMG_4609 bloss

IMG_4399 v2 mh

The candy bar was my favorite!

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