Thursday, July 28, 2011

Smiles and Sunshine

IMG_5349 wm

I took advantage of the cool (perfect) weather while we were in Santa Barbara, CA for some quick photos of my little ones.

IMG_5276 wm

It's been awhile since I attempted taking pictures of them together. Exhausting!

IMG_5200 wm

I can't decide what is the hardest age to photograph--they all have their pros and cons.

IMG_5284 wm 

Amaryllis doesn't like having her picture taken and can get in a real sour mood about it, but luckily Auntie was behind me the whole time shaking a bag of sweetarts.  Bribery always works.

IMG_5009 wm

IMG_5006 bw wm

My in-laws backyard is awesome.  After we had successfully trampled it, we went around front and the light through the palm trees was gorgeous.  The word "bask" comes to mind--especially knowing we were missing the 100 degree heat wave back home in North Carolina!

IMG_5443 wm

IMG_5464 aft wm

IMG_5395 wm 

Have you taken pictures of your little kiddies lately?  Make sure you do!  It was so fun to watch them run around.  Don't be fooled by these pictures; out of about 500 photos only a handful were "website worthy" but I still love all the unworthy ones too.  Pictures don't have to be perfect, they just need to capture the moments.  Proof that my kids don't just sit there and smile...most of the pictures turned out like this, complete with tousled hair, funky faces, a few tears, but mostly a whole lotta craziness:

running wm

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