Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friends | Utah Mountains

IMG_5601 wm

For awhile I've been uncreatively uninspired by the boring North Carolina green pine trees in the background of EVERY photo.  I mean really, is there any outdoor location in Raleigh where you don't automatically have a green pine background?  (If you find one let me know!)

IMG_5654 wm

So it was quite lovely to snap some picts of my BFF's kids in Utah Valley with the mountains and blue sky as background.

IMG_5600 wfl

This was an extremely speedy photoshoot--we're talking like 15 minutes max.  We were on our way to the park and pulled over when we saw the bales of hay.

IMG_5655 wm
IMG_5653 wm

(glanced behind me to check on my little walker to see where she was--turns out she didn't much like walking in the grass so she just plopped right down).

IMG_5649 wmjpg

And 5 minutes later at the park they looked like this,
dirty, flushed cheeked, and happy as can be~

IMG_5683 sc

IMG_5688 sc

IMG_5662 wm

IMG_5692 wm

and SHREK!
shreck wm

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