Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Owen & Zoey

Owen and Zoey have birthdays just a few days apart.  So they shared their birthday photoshoot.  

IMG_6378 copy bw wm

You know it'll be a great photoshoot when nature welcomes you:
IMG_6283 wm

It was h-o-t outside and lots of mosquitoes, but they were troopers.  So smiley and happy!

IMG_6380 wm

IMG_6454 wm

IMG_6338 wm

When photographing multiple children--it's a success if they smile at the same time--it's so hard to achieve!

IMG_6434 pan zoom

The sun kept going behind the clouds then popping out, which is hard for me to keep switching my settings, while trying to get the smiles--but it makes for a lovely variety of dark/light photos for 1 session.
 IMG_6361 wm

Loved the location:
 IMG_6395 wm

Mom even stepped in for a few :)

IMG_6514 wm

IMG_6507 square wm

And what would a 1 yr old photoshoot be without the lace romper!

IMG_6556 wm

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