Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The P Family | Holiday Session

This momma is on the ball--she already has her Christmas card pictures X'd off her list...lucky her!

IMG_7504 mong 4x6

IMG_7288 wm

IMG_7817 wm

This is just the cutest family on the block, for reals.

IMG_7477 wm

IMG_7552 wm

IMG_7345 wm

I love shooting in the evening, because the light changes so much in an hour that you get such a variety of photos---bright and bold while the sun is up, and then softer and hazier as it goes down behind the trees.

IMG_7920 wm

ginger storyboard

IMG_7914 wm

IMG_8000 copy wm

Some people get all the good looks.

IMG_7957 bw wm

IMG_7760 wm

Everyone was so cheerful, even when we weren't posing:
IMG_7424 text

All in all, just a great shoot with a beautiful family, beautiful light, fun new location (new fountain area at Waverly Place), and I got to try out my new lens which came in the mail earlier that day!


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  1. Great pics Em!! I love the one where they're all kissing mama!~