Sunday, December 9, 2012

H Family | Holiday

IMG_5792 wm 
IMG_6090 wm

IMG_5873 bw wm 
We got a good variety of shots - trying to keep the attention span of all 3 kids was not that easy.

IMG_5944 composite B copy 
Classic brother photo:

IMG_5927 web wm 

Looking for Santa's reindeer: 

IMG_5988 no wm 
Ring around the rosies...this did not end well for lil sis! 

IMG_6020 wm 

What a little charmer! 

IMG_6050 wm 

And here's little sissy! 

IMG_6234 bw wm

IMG_5813 web

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

With brave wings, she flies.

IMG_4206 cropped wm 
My girls rescued a hurt butterfly this past week.

IMG_4286 wm 

 It was our first rescued animal experience.  

IMG_4264 mh wm 

They were hesitant to hold it at first, but over the next few days they became so confident and caring.

IMG_4278 wm 
We had so much fun taking care of Meghan the Butterfly.  She flew away after a few days (I assume!). 

IMG_4225 wm

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roses Are Red | Eleanor

IMG_4016 pass t copy wm 

I've always thought little Eleanor had a very Gerber baby look about her.

IMG_4020 wm 

IMG_4093 mus wm v3

This was a super quick mini-session.
  IMG_4030 bw wm 
 It's funny, I was totally doubting that we'd gotten any good picts because it was rushed, not really planned, and somewhat spontaneous.   As is most things these days!  But I think she looks cute!

IMG_4106 wm 
Love how she's holding her little toes :)

 IMG_4114 almt pan wm
IMG_4020 bw wm
 She found all her body parts, like a good little 1 yr old :)
IMG_4122 wm 

Link to Flickr.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Fall!

IMG_3896 copy 

Hope everyone is enjoying fall! I'm definitely missing those beautiful southern fiery leaves and crisp air, but it's beautiful as usual out here in Cali! 

IMG_3898 copy v2 

We even got to wear long sleeves one day so far! 

IMG_3850 copy

Friday, September 14, 2012

Savannah | Newborn

Meet this little sweetie, who took her merry sweet time coming to earth.

IMG_3628 touchup text sharp

 IMG_3626 crop wm

 And don't you love her name? Being a southern gal myself and having a soft spot in my heart and some good memories in the city Savannah (my home state!) well....I think we will be great friends me and her :)

IMG_3797 milh gyp wm

  IMG_3750 mh pan web

These photos were taken somewhat last minute and unplanned, around 4:30pm on my kitchen table with dinner in the crockpot and my demanding 2 yr old in the high chair.  And the TV going. 

IMG_3702 mh mus wm

  IMG_3724 mh wm

IMG_3593  bw wm 
I sooo wish we could've played dress-up longer because Savannah totally zonked out towards the last 10 minutes of these pictures but alas it was not to be! 

IMG_3610 wm

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss E

IMG_3172 web 

So much to say about this little firecracker. 

IMG_3164 web 

Her style is awesome and totally original. I'd call it "vintage eclectic".   Actual factual vintage, not wannabe poser vintage.  Makes her even more cool to me.  She pairs random pieces and patterns and layers and it always looks rad. 

IMG_3114 web

And she's sweet. And creative. And talented. 

collage scrabble 

(And pocket size!)

 IMG_3158 bw web 

Love that she brought props, just wish we had more time together but the sun was setting SO fast. Is the below pict not the coolest sunset backdrop ever!!??

 IMG_3180 blu t v2 web


Friday, July 27, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss T

The first time I met Miss T was when we had been in California all of 1 month, and I picked her up to babysit for me (she came highly recommended).

When I pulled up and she got in my car, I was slightly taken aback--the girls is gorgeous and totally unaware.  (Keep in mind I had just finished a season of Americas Next Top Model so my potential-pretty-radar was at it's peak!).

IMG_2939 web

We got out of the car to walk into my house and that's when I realized how tall she was.
I dumbly said "wow you're tall." [idiot].
  She laughed, "I get that a lot."

IMG_2902 web wm 

When people don't know they are pretty, doesn't it make them so much prettier?
 IMG_2924 velv web 

(Well now she must know!)

  IMG_2933 bw

It was so fun seeing how a bit of pose coaching (and hats!) could transform these girls.  I love that about photography.

  IMG_2849 hon web

Again, I always get a few snaps of the "regular everyday" person that we always see, but I also love seeing what is buried deep down.

  IMG_2893 bw

The thing I feared about taking picts of these special girls is I didn't want them to think they are only beautiful with hair and makeup all done up, or with certain props, or a beautiful backdrop, or edited in black and white like the magazines.

Hopefully, they realize I do not have a magical lens.  And that it's truly that sparkle in the eye, that inner light from being good, and kind, and clean on the inside that shines through.

See entire photoshoot here.