Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss E

IMG_3172 web 

So much to say about this little firecracker. 

IMG_3164 web 

Her style is awesome and totally original. I'd call it "vintage eclectic".   Actual factual vintage, not wannabe poser vintage.  Makes her even more cool to me.  She pairs random pieces and patterns and layers and it always looks rad. 

IMG_3114 web

And she's sweet. And creative. And talented. 

collage scrabble 

(And pocket size!)

 IMG_3158 bw web 

Love that she brought props, just wish we had more time together but the sun was setting SO fast. Is the below pict not the coolest sunset backdrop ever!!??

 IMG_3180 blu t v2 web


Friday, July 27, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss T

The first time I met Miss T was when we had been in California all of 1 month, and I picked her up to babysit for me (she came highly recommended).

When I pulled up and she got in my car, I was slightly taken aback--the girls is gorgeous and totally unaware.  (Keep in mind I had just finished a season of Americas Next Top Model so my potential-pretty-radar was at it's peak!).

IMG_2939 web

We got out of the car to walk into my house and that's when I realized how tall she was.
I dumbly said "wow you're tall." [idiot].
  She laughed, "I get that a lot."

IMG_2902 web wm 

When people don't know they are pretty, doesn't it make them so much prettier?
 IMG_2924 velv web 

(Well now she must know!)

  IMG_2933 bw

It was so fun seeing how a bit of pose coaching (and hats!) could transform these girls.  I love that about photography.

  IMG_2849 hon web

Again, I always get a few snaps of the "regular everyday" person that we always see, but I also love seeing what is buried deep down.

  IMG_2893 bw

The thing I feared about taking picts of these special girls is I didn't want them to think they are only beautiful with hair and makeup all done up, or with certain props, or a beautiful backdrop, or edited in black and white like the magazines.

Hopefully, they realize I do not have a magical lens.  And that it's truly that sparkle in the eye, that inner light from being good, and kind, and clean on the inside that shines through.

See entire photoshoot here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss M

IMG_3050 web

In case you can't tell, we had a little fun with hats in our photoshoot. 

IMG_3053 bw web

Here's a lovely gal, and sweet as pie.

IMG_3026 web

She usually wears glasses so it was such a treat to see those pretty eyes sparkling back at me.

IMG_2987 web

Sometimes, the candid picts are my fav.

IMG_2982 web

IMG_3073 web bw

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss L

Loved her simple but shabby chic outfit! 

IMG_2729 blo blu edge web 

I feel like some of the photography blogs I stalk, people are getting a bit crazy and over the top with their outfits. But not Miss L, this was purrrrfect! Totally classy.  And you know me and lace :)

 IMG_2828 web 

I always tell Seniors to bring an outfit that is timeless with a hint of trend. 

IMG_2786 web bw 

And when we take pictures, we do a variety of poses and smiles. My rule of thumb is a to try and get a pose that Grandma would like (smile and say cheese), then one that mom would like (a touch of smile mostly in the eyes) and then one that the girls would like (usually something silly or goofy). 

IMG_2740 web 

Awesome shimmer and flare from the light on the below picts: 

  IMG_3268 bw 

Chasing Sunsets | Miss J

This was my first time meeting Jamie. 
profile alm r web 

She was so chill, and her picts were towards the end of the sunset and it was deep, rich gold.

 IMG_3282 web 

 IMG_3244 web 

We saw dolphins and a sea otter during our sunset session. Cool!

 IMG_3240 bw web 

The below is probably my favorite of hers--loved the backlighting.
IMG_3206 web

Chasing Sunsets | The Girls

IMG_3290 web 

It's been so long since I've taken pictures of people over the age of 4, I'd forgotten how much fun it is! 

IMG_3338 web 

I'm one of the leaders in our church's youth group, in charge of the 16-18yr old girls. That means, photoshoots :) 

  IMG_3358 web

I'm still getting used to photographing over here on the west side of the grand USA. There are no tall pine trees, just the bare sun shining right back at me--so it has been fun re-learning how to do an evening shoot.

IMG_3386 web

What is it about these pictures that make you stare? Yes, they are pretty girls. But I truly think it is their inner shiny. These girls are amazing--beautiful and strong. On the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

 IMG_3341 web

And they are goofy. It's fun to be goofy and silly. I'm not that old, but I'm not near goofy and silly enough like back in the good ole days.

IMG_3315 web

It's been such a treat getting to know them.

IMG_3378 web text

Hope you enjoy the upcoming posts. Drink in the yummy golden light and awesome sky and pretty faces!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lace Leggings

IMG_2304 wm 

Just a few snapshots of our Lace Leggings.

IMG_2291 wm

Hope everyone is having a great summer! We are loving California weather :)

 IMG_2279 bw wm

  lond text