Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss E

IMG_3172 web 

So much to say about this little firecracker. 

IMG_3164 web 

Her style is awesome and totally original. I'd call it "vintage eclectic".   Actual factual vintage, not wannabe poser vintage.  Makes her even more cool to me.  She pairs random pieces and patterns and layers and it always looks rad. 

IMG_3114 web

And she's sweet. And creative. And talented. 

collage scrabble 

(And pocket size!)

 IMG_3158 bw web 

Love that she brought props, just wish we had more time together but the sun was setting SO fast. Is the below pict not the coolest sunset backdrop ever!!??

 IMG_3180 blu t v2 web


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