Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chasing Sunsets | Miss L

Loved her simple but shabby chic outfit! 

IMG_2729 blo blu edge web 

I feel like some of the photography blogs I stalk, people are getting a bit crazy and over the top with their outfits. But not Miss L, this was purrrrfect! Totally classy.  And you know me and lace :)

 IMG_2828 web 

I always tell Seniors to bring an outfit that is timeless with a hint of trend. 

IMG_2786 web bw 

And when we take pictures, we do a variety of poses and smiles. My rule of thumb is a to try and get a pose that Grandma would like (smile and say cheese), then one that mom would like (a touch of smile mostly in the eyes) and then one that the girls would like (usually something silly or goofy). 

IMG_2740 web 

Awesome shimmer and flare from the light on the below picts: 

  IMG_3268 bw 

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