Friday, September 14, 2012

Savannah | Newborn

Meet this little sweetie, who took her merry sweet time coming to earth.

IMG_3628 touchup text sharp

 IMG_3626 crop wm

 And don't you love her name? Being a southern gal myself and having a soft spot in my heart and some good memories in the city Savannah (my home state!) well....I think we will be great friends me and her :)

IMG_3797 milh gyp wm

  IMG_3750 mh pan web

These photos were taken somewhat last minute and unplanned, around 4:30pm on my kitchen table with dinner in the crockpot and my demanding 2 yr old in the high chair.  And the TV going. 

IMG_3702 mh mus wm

  IMG_3724 mh wm

IMG_3593  bw wm 
I sooo wish we could've played dress-up longer because Savannah totally zonked out towards the last 10 minutes of these pictures but alas it was not to be! 

IMG_3610 wm