Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Amaryllis is Six! | Camarillo, CA

I can't believe my little girl, the tiny baby who made me a mama, is six!
She will always be my first born and the kickstarter to my best adventure so far--motherhood.

IMG_4353 wm

Somehow I was added to a childrens couture fashion magazine mailing list (probably from my romper business) so I have tons of little girl clothing magazines laying around.  Obviously she has picked up some modeling tips from them, because she was just on fire when I took these birthday picts last weekend.

I finally had to tell her we were "done" so she would run around and act normal, because those are the moments I want to document. 

IMG_4384 wm

  IMG_4335 spoo wm
 IMG_4161 wm
IMG_4342 wm

IMG_4182 wm

  IMG_4195 wm

So, want to hear something creepy? I wondered about this abandon courtyard and old broken building with barred doors and windows (at Channel Islands University) and since I'm semi new to the area, I didn't really know the whole story but I recalled hearing about a mental hospital in the area. So I went home and looked it up, and it is the old insane asylum that was popular in the 40s-60s.  They built the university around/on top of it.  Shiver.

IMG_4316 wm

  IMG_4126 wm

IMG_4332 bw wm

  IMG_4237 wm

Santa brought her an American Girl and she is obsessed.
 For her party this weekend, we are going to the American Girl store in LA for lunch. 
She is so excited!
  IMG_4289 wm

  IMG_4298 bw wm

I never really "plan" my photoshoots with my girls because nothing every goes according to plan, so then I'm never disappointed.

We just sort of got dressed and ran out the door as the sun was dipping down.  Last minute, I grabbed this present and stuck it in my bag.
IMG_4406 wm

I much prefer photographing kids in their "element", it's so much more real.  Yes I love the soulful pictures, the cheese pictures, the smile pictures.  But I love the candid pictures the most.

All I said was "let's go sit in the sun and put on Kit's new dress".
And these ended up being my favorite pictures.

IMG_4547 touchup WM

  IMG_4417 wm

  IMG_4425 wm

  IMG_4433 wm

  IMG_4443 wm

IMG_4519 wm

  IMG_4503 wm

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