Sunday, February 2, 2014

Professional Headshots | Ventura, CA

Here are a few shots for a new law firm, NPN Law.  We took them at City Hall in Ventura. 

People always ask me what age is the hardest to photograph.  They assume it's babies (1 yr olds to be exact).  But really, I think the dads and men are the hardest.  Babies unpredictable but I can usually coax some happy photos from them.  Men just plain don't like to be in front of the camera. 

But these fellas were good sports and I think they warmed up to the camera just fine :)
IMG_3470 copy

Don't worry, we got all the "normal" professional headshots to be used for bios, flyers, website, etc.  Here are some, shall we say, miscellaneous shots.  Enjoy!

IMG_3630 spoo copy

  IMG_3867 copy

  IMG_3828 copy
IMG_3906 crop copy

IMG_3857 npn text copy

  IMG_3693 copy
IMG_3736bw copy
IMG_3707 copy

IMG_3813 copy

Everything was professional and dandy, until the casual wear emerged.
And the sunglasses and skateboards.
  IMG_4011 copy

  IMG_4019 copy 2

  IMG_3997 watermark
IMG_3789 copy

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