Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kensington is 4!

Some photos we took for party invitations for my little 4 yr old and her friend.

What better way to kick off the first day of spring than with a Sunshine Soiree birthday party?
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Kensington and her little friend, Finley, share a birthday on St Patricks Day.
So Kelly and I decided to throw them a party at the park.

I was in charge of invitations so we took some bday picts of the girls at a cute little neighborhood wall with the word "Sunshine" painted on it.

  IMG_7859 copy

I've been driving by this sunshine neighborhood for the past 2 yrs since we've lived here, and I've always wanted to stop and take the girls' pict by it.  So we did :)
IMG_8057 copy
   IMG_8029 copy

  IMG_8033 copy

IMG_8153 copy

IMG_8175 copy  


IMG_8468 copy

  IMG_8478 copy 

  IMG_8483 copy

IMG_8485 copy

Kelly loves to cook so she did the food.  She literally just had a baby-- but that don't slow her down, no sir-eeee!
She did lemon bars, banana pudding, 2 dips, little corn bread muffins with bbq chicken on top, and we had some kid friendly food too.

IMG_8455 copy 

I was in charge of invitations and beverages.  I can handle that :)
IMG_8439 copy

  IMG_8437 copy

My friend Lindsey owed me a favor so I scored with this bomb cake.
And it tasted delicious!
IMG_8433 copy

IMG_8454 copy

  IMG_8450 copy

This cute little pup (her name is Cupcake) did a fine job licking the sidewalk so we did not leave any traces of crumbs.
IMG_8489 copy

Here are the birthday girls staring at their cake:
IMG_8492 copy 

Blowing out the candles:

 IMG_8501 copy 


 IMG_8509 copy 

Yep. I will echo what I said a few weeks ago. 
Life is more fun when you have a friend to bum around with.

 IMG_8415 copy 

A few more here on flickr. 

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