Friday, March 7, 2014

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These picts have such a special place in my heart, this is one of my dearest friends and her little man. It was just a magical afternoon, her house was completely quiet and we had a little snuggle session on her bed with the afternoon light streaming through the window and sounds from the park coming through.  You could hear the basketball thumping, skateboard rolling, and kids play sounds.

IMG_7385bw copy

  IMG_7248touchup copy

IMG_7367bw copy
IMG_7671spl copy
  IMG_7680 copy

I looooove how these pictures turned out. In the photography biz they call this a "lifestyle session" (aka natural, candid, home setting) and I think they just capture the magic of the momma-newborn moments perfectly.

IMG_7812 crop

collage wm

The week after giving birth is really such a haze, sometimes people focus on the hard parts of that week after--the sleep deprivation, crying spells, engorgement, aches and pains. I think all that is completely diminished if you remember these magical snuggle moments, newborns are so tiny! SO TINY! And their little kittykat sounds and purrs are the best. Every sneeze is adorable.

IMG_7699bw copy

I totally wish I had picts of me snuggling my babes, with those newborn yawns and tiny toes and cooing. And I wish I looked this good doing it.

IMG_7726 copy

  IMG_7805 wm

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