Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Soda Pop and Lolly Pops

IMG_9249 copy

The smart mommas bring bribes to photoshoots!

  IMG_9344 v2

  IMG_9362 copy

  IMG_8582 copy

  IMG_8515 bw

  IMG_8713 copy

  IMG_9176bw2 copy

  IMG_8813 copy

  IMG_8755light copy
IMG_8890 copy 

I always let the kids pick where they want to take their individual portraits, so they feel in charge and more relaxed.
This little guy picked the perfect spot:

IMG_9030 copy

  IMG_9129 copy 

I also usually give kids/siblings some sort of prompt so they can do things and not just sit there giving me the fake frozen smile. I told the boys to tell eachother secrets about their favorite superheroes.
Then I had them declare a thumb war :) 

IMG_9467 copy

  IMG_9518 copy

  IMG_9549 copy
IMG_9706 copy

  IMG_9601 copy

  IMG_9682 copy

  IMG_9784 copy

  IMG_9864 copy

  IMG_8636 copy

  IMG_9773 copy

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