Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jada | Elementary Graduate

Here is Jada, she just graduated from elementary school.  She was so cute and timid at first, but as you can tell she warmed up in the end when we found her groove---jump ropes and hula hoops :)

IMG_1107 copy

  IMG_1226 bw

  IMG_1244 copy
  IMG_1490 copy
  IMG_1250 copy

She brought a suitcase full of clothes so we had some fun :)

  IMG_1332 copy 

IMG_1644 copy

  IMG_1537 copy

  IMG_1837 copy 

The end of the photoshoot was great, the essence of little California girl--at the park, palm trees swaying, playing with her hula hoop and jump rope. We kept adding and adding to her outfit :) 

  IMG_1973 copy

  IMG_2005 tighter crop copy

  IMG_1886 copy

  IMG_2286 pop web

  IMG_2222 copy

IMG_2383 copy

Friday, June 13, 2014

Brody | Newborn

Meet Brody, he is 5 days new.  He was probably my most difficult so far and did not want to go to sleep at all.  And he was my first to spray pee everywhere. Everywhere!  I have 3 girls, so I was not prepared for the fountain of spray that he delivered!

IMG_2587 square crop copy bw 
 But he was such a good sport and didn't fuss much.  He just did not want to be touched. I can't blame him, I could get comfy cozy in that basket too!

IMG_2630 copy 
And hello, his mom! This is her 5th baby! 

IMG_2923 copy 
***My disclaimer here is: even if you don't look or feel as amazing as this hot momma right after giving birth, I still want you to get some newborn photos done of your baby. You don't have to be in the photos!  My last few newborn photoshoots the moms have wanted to be in the pictures, but I won't make you :)

 I don't care if you look fabulous or frumpulous. Just get yourself here and sit on my couch, and I'll do the rest. But I promise you'll love having these images of your tiny baby so just book the appointment!

IMG_2897mh upside down copy

  IMG_2642almtwarmer copy 

IMG_2774mh copy

 Like I said, this is their 5th baby so when taking these photos she kept saying it felt weird and quiet to focus on just one little man without the other 4 kiddos.

 IMG_2848bw copy

  IMG_3012 light copy 

 IMG_3051 copy 
 IMG_3020 honey wm 
 IMG_3084spo copy 

Love love love baby lips!
 IMG_3046hon copy

Mothers Day | Headshots

At my church I'm in charge of a group of girls age 8-11 yrs old. We meet twice a month and do fun things.  Since it was Mothers Day in May, I thought it would be fun to take their headshots and then give their moms a beautiful 8x10 photo of their pretty daughters.

We had literally 35 minutes of fading sun and a whole lotta girls to photograph, and girls this age are crazy and giggely and goofy and hard to wrangle, but we got through it!  Here are a few.

  kelsey wind bw
karly v2

Maybelle | 6 Months

Time is flying by!  Here is my little chubby smiley baby on the beach.
IMG_9946 wmbigger 

I wish it hadn't been a gray foggy beach day, but I do love a good creamy dreamy beach look too so I guess this will have to do :)

IMG_9958 sposug eyes wmbigger

I could barely get her to look up, she kept putting her face down like this to try and eat the sand :)

IMG_9944 wm

Have you taken pictures of your baby lately? Get to it, mommas!