Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jada | Elementary Graduate

Here is Jada, she just graduated from elementary school.  She was so cute and timid at first, but as you can tell she warmed up in the end when we found her groove---jump ropes and hula hoops :)

IMG_1107 copy

  IMG_1226 bw

  IMG_1244 copy
  IMG_1490 copy
  IMG_1250 copy

She brought a suitcase full of clothes so we had some fun :)

  IMG_1332 copy 

IMG_1644 copy

  IMG_1537 copy

  IMG_1837 copy 

The end of the photoshoot was great, the essence of little California girl--at the park, palm trees swaying, playing with her hula hoop and jump rope. We kept adding and adding to her outfit :) 

  IMG_1973 copy

  IMG_2005 tighter crop copy

  IMG_1886 copy

  IMG_2286 pop web

  IMG_2222 copy

IMG_2383 copy

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