Wednesday, September 10, 2014

She's One | Catalina Island, CA

Avalon jub wm 
Summer is over! I didn't take many pictures (other than the ole iPhone), darn!

IMG_4340 jub wm 
We spent some time on Catalina Island, off the coast of Newport.  It was beautiful, it felt like we were in an old fashion beach/boat/boardwalk summer dream. 

IMG_4001 bloo copy 
Can you believe my baby is turning one?

IMG_4224 viol copy

  IMG_4216 copy 

My girls woke up early one morning in Catalina, so we went on a walk and snapped some official "1 year old" photos of little Maybelle, and of course, her big sisters had to put on their new dresses too. 

IMG_3847 copy

  They just adore baby sis.  It is sweet to see the instinctual bond that the three of them share together.

IMG_4188 composite copy

  IMG_4125 copy

  IMG_4097 copy

  IMG_4068 copy  

  IMG_4252touchup wm

  IMG_4288 copy

And, sometimes the photos don't turn out "right" but it is fun to see the attitude and personality shine through.
  IMG_3828 copy 

A few more here on Flickr. 

The girls dresses are from Pippy Lou.
Maybelle's romper is from Zulily.