Tuesday, December 30, 2014

N Family | Holiday Session

I loved how these turned out!
I loved the 2 locations and I'm glad we decided to take a chance and explore instead of going with a plain ole greenery backdrop!

This was suppose to be a quick mini session.  But this is why I don't really offer "mini" sessions.
I can't limit myself to only 20 minutes of shooting... especially when the beautiful sunset is tempting me with gorgeous light.  And I can't limit myself to only editing my top 10 pictures... how can I let all the other photos go to waste?!?

IMG_5868 copy

IMG_5581 copy

IMG_5652 java 2 bw copy

IMG_5541crop copy

IMG_5520 wm

IMG_5440bw2 copy

IMG_5385bloom copy

IMG_5289 copy

IMG_5479 copy

IMG_5902 jump copy

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Here are my little Southern Belles!
front belles swing


Merry Christmas!
     IMG_4565 copy

IMG_4479 copy copy

IMG_4870 jub warmer copy

IMG_4784 copy

IMG_5208 jub copy