Friday, February 6, 2015

Beach Winter

The beach is a great winter location to photograph. We've been going a lot. 

 Here's a few of my favorite from the past few beach days.

IMG_6385 copy

Momtographer Tip:
Tilt your camera for a fun little angle (see below photo) especially at the beach where you have such a lateral line running through all your shots (the sky line, the wave lines, and the shore break line all create a very horizontal look, so it's fun to break it up by tilting your camera just a tad).  

I used to be a camera tilt-aholic and I kinda got over it, but I always end up liking the variety.  
Try it some time :)

IMG_6397 copy

At the beach, the sun sets early, and the clouds shift so fast over the water that you get a lot of different light and color, giving you lots of different looks in your photos.

Dark and ominous one minute:

IMG_6440 copy

 Then light and breezy the next.

The above and below photos were taken within a 10-15 minute time window.  Aren't the mood and vibes of the photos so different, all because of the light?

  IMG_6290 copywarmer


But of course, people are the best thing to photograph at the beach!

IMG_6339 copy

If you are sneaky with your camera, you can always catch people soaking up the beach peace.

IMG_6453 copy

IMG_6717 zoom square web

IMG_6734 sap

So.  Take your camera next time you are headed to the shore.
You'll be happy you did!

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