Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Zella | 1 Yr

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My Girls | This is a Story

I been wanting to capture my little girls frolicking on the beach, before they get too much older.  We did this over spring break and I love how it turned out!

IMG_6042 no wm copy

IMG_5902 copy

IMG_5796 copy

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  IMG_6741 creamy copy

Finley | Birthday Photos

Somebunny loves you!

IMG_6553 copy

Finley is 5!
  IMG_6327 copy

IMG_6249 copy

IMG_6232 copy

Gorgeous eye color from her mama!

Kensington is Six!

My little Kensington wanted an animal party, she is such an animal lover!
We settled on a Woodland Creatures theme.
 Here is the text invitation sent to her friends.

Text Invitation step into the woods

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